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Wednesday, November 18

Muslim man rants at Islamic State in video that's gone viral. Cover your ears.

From yesterday's Daily Mail:

"If you don't like this country, why the f*** did you come here?" 

Muslim man's impassioned speech decrying ISIS for trying to impose Sharia law on the West takes social media by storm.
  • Muslim man launches into three-minute verbal attack on violent extremists
  • He said that Islam 'teaches you to be tolerant and to respect other faiths'
  • During the tirade, he asks "Do you have the right to kill? F*** you, you don't"
  • Do you know who the man is? Email julian.robinson@mailonline.co.uk

The video is posted at the Daily Mail website. First time I've heard a Muslim cuss like that. We need many more Muslims in the West like him.   


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