Sunday, November 15

Islamic State reportedly claims no one killed in French-US air strikes on Raqqa

From the (U.K.) Telegraph 'live blogging' today of 13/11 issues:
Isil says no one killed in strikes
Islamic State has reportedly said no one was killed by the joint French and US airstrikes on Raqqa. It said the targets hit were "abandoned sites". It is not possible to verify the claim.
We'll have to wait and see. But it would make sense that they abandoned at least their most important sites, such as the command center, after the French air strikes on October 8 and the Russian strikes.

See the New York Times report I featured earlier tonight for details on the French rationale for the October 8 strikes.

See also the Guardian live-blog report, Paris attacks: anti-terrorism raids across France as hunt for Salah Abdeslam continues – live


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