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Thursday, November 26

Maybe Daily Mail should rethink their headline wording?

Obama Thanksgiving dinner put on lockdown as man draped in the American flag jumps the White House fence while the first family celebrate

President Obama and his family were tucking into their turkey dinner when they were put on lockdown after Joseph Caputo hopped the fence of the White House (pictured). The intruder - who was wearing a baseball shirt, gloves and the flag as a cape - also appeared to holding a binder in between his teeth (center) as he climbed the metal railings. He then threw his hands up in the air in celebration (right) after making it over and began walking towards the White House before he was brought down by Secret Service agents and taken into custody. 
A witness claims she heard Caputo take a deep breath and tell himself  "Alright, let's do this" before jumping over the fence.

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