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Saturday, November 28

On the 11th anniversary of Pundita blog I look at where humanity is 11 years on

For once I'm going to quote from DEBKAfile because as of this moment every other media outlet is still trying to figure out how to break the news, and it seems Moscow has told the Russian press to keep quiet for now. 

The news is that Russia is bombing every single Turkish entity in Syria. Everything.   

My first thought was, 'If only American and British combat troops in Afghanistan had had a friend in their governments the way Russian troops in Syria have friend in theirs!'           

But the American (and British) regime chose to be friends with Pakistan and support the wishes of the richest members in the NATO-ISAF coalition, who wanted to overlook Pakistan's actions in Afghanistan. 

The result was chaos and carnage in Afghanistan and entrenching of Taliban and al Qaeda in the country, and a lot of dead and permanently maimed American and British soldiers.  

Woe betide the government that asks today's America for help! The USA is the Mother Hubbard of nations; we have so many coalitions and trade interests we don't know what to do. 

Reminds me of the T-shirt message, "Oh no, I'm becoming my mother!" 

That is what happened to the USA. We became like the British Empire, which after it collapsed ended up in hock to the Saudi Empire. Which ended up spreading terrorism far and wide, and here we are today.

This should serve as a warning to the Russians. Don't be so eager to form so many coalitions working at so many cross-purposes that you end up hurting yourselves and all those you try to help.

It also serves as a warning to Pakistanis. The more money they prised out of the USA, UK, EU and KSA, the bigger the domestic terrorism and violent crime rate and the greater the chaos in their country. No surprise there. The USA and UK wanted the regime to at least put on a show of supporting liberal democracy, and the Saudis wanted to stuff as many Islamist mosques, schools, and charitable organizations into Pakistan as they could.

Finally the situation got so out of control that Pakistan's generals took a page from Xi Jinping and said to heck with putting on a show. This is resulting in a large number of Pakistani crime lords and Islamist terrorist kingpins being killed while resisting arrest

In response to this horrid affront to the rule of law the vast majority of Pakistanis, minus human rights and democracy activists funded by the West and Saudi-funded activists, are heaving a sigh of relief. 

There is a tragic moral to emerge from this very strange era. At the same time Western nations were promoting liberal democracy and human rights around the world, they were also supporting the Saudi regime, which was supporting the international monetary regime and the OPEC cartel. 

This meant every move to promote democracy was countered by vast sums of petro-money used to promote anti-democratic Islamism.

Which is to say the peace dividend, which Americans invested so much blood and treasure in upholding, turned out to be a mirage. As the mirage dissolves in terrorism and crime-fueled chaos, democracy is dissolving along with it. 

The moral?  If a country's tax base is not large enough to offset the influence bought by foreign money, liberal democracy is a luxury it can't afford.  

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