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Friday, November 27

What genius at Centcom thought ISIS was hiding in water pumping stations near Aleppo?

27 November, 2015:
Aleppo, SANA – The US-led international coalition, allegedly fighting ISIS, targeted Thursday water pumping stations in al-Khafseh area, east of Aleppo, causing them to go out of service.
A source at Aleppo Governorate told SANA reporter that Aleppo Water Establishment will immediately start the necessary maintenance measures to fix the damaged pumping stations so as to operate them again as quickly as possible.
On October 10th, two F16 aircrafts belonging to the US-led coalition violated the Syrian airspace, targeting infrastructure and destroying two power plants in al-Rudwaniya area to the east of Aleppo city.
Now that the Syrian Army with Russian air cover is routing Islamic State and the rest of the terrorist alphabet soup from Aleppo, the U.S. military in its beneficence has decided to help by knocking out the water supply for Syrians courageous enough to have toughed it out in Aleppo all these hellish years. 

I don't want to hear, 'We didn't do it.' The Syrian Army has the aircraft IDs. Even if it wasn't the U.S., the Syrians know which country in the U.S.-led coalition dropped the bombs.

Now Centcom had better read the riot act to every government in that bloody coalition. And stop violating Syrian airspace. You have no right to be there, and don't lie any more than you already have in the attempt to justify your invasion.

You have business, much unfinished business, in Iraq and Afghanistan. Focus. If you don't know what the word means look it up in a dictionary. 

And no, I'm in no mood to hear, 'Obama did this to us.'  Where are the resignations in protest of what he did? He knows that would not happen. He has your number.  


Actual Policy is deduced from actions.

The policy is to take down Assad.

The policy is to do Saud's bidding.

As for the Military: The people chose and reaffirmed that choice. Their choice gives orders and soldiers obey.

Be careful what you ask for...
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