Saturday, July 23

Chancellor Merkel, it is time for you to resign

From a CNN report on the massacre in Munich:
German Chancellor Angela Merkel referenced the ongoing public anxieties over the security climate as she expressed her condolences at a press conference in Berlin after a security meeting Saturday.
"We are mourning those who will never go back to their families," she said, before addressing the bereaved families of the victims of Munich's "night of horrors."
"We share your pain. We think of you. We suffer with you."
She went on to express her gratitude for German security forces.
"We live together in a liberal society. This freedom is our greatest strength," she said.
When it comes to the point where a government leader can't tell the difference between cowardice and liberalism it's time for the leader to step down.

When a government leader allows an agenda to override protection of the citizenry it's time for the leader to leave.

The German government didn't shoot children at a McDonald's in Munich or take an ax to passengers on a train in Bavaria. But under the leadership of Angela Merkel its policies of appeasement created a climate in Germany that put the gun and the ax in terrorists' hands.

As to Mrs. Merkel's words of condolence, I find it unlikely the public she's supposed to serve believes that she shares their pain. 

The above cartoon is from the (U.K.) Spectator's May 2016 article, How Recep Erdogan became the most powerful man in Europe: Turkey’s thuggish president has European leaders exactly where he wants them.

It's not only Erdogan; Europe's leaders have been kowtowing to Gulf oil potentates for decades. Now the consequences have become painfully clear.


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