Saturday, July 30

Fighting back tears

Whoa, that came out of nowhere. I steel myself to read news reports on Syria but was taken off guard by SST Col Lang's comment today in response to hopeful news from MoA's "b." He wrote in the SST comment section:
There is an *unconfirmed* rumor coming from the Russian Defense Ministry that ALL weapon supplies from outside Syria to the rebels have stopped. Obama/Kerry admitting defeat?
Col Lang's reply:
If Obama/Kerry are accepting defeat they will face resistance from within both the Democratic and Republican wings of the Borg [the U.S. foreign policy establishment]. These creatures dishonor my country with their thinly disguised mindless jingoism and imperial dream. They will not give up easily. ...
Yes, that is what these creatures do. They are methodically destroying the United States from inside. I doubt many people outside the USA have sympathy for this but it's hard on Americans who love their country to see what's happening, and with no way of stopping it.  

All right, let me compose myself. I'll be back.  



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