Monday, July 18

"What a hell is going on in Almaty can someone explain me?!" (UPDATED 1:00 PM EDT)


See this Reuters report, filed at 11:56 AM EDT, for updated information about the attack, which killed five, wounded several others, and turned out to be the work of one gunman 

****The title of this post is from a comment at a social media site that RT posted along with their report.  

Be warned, very graphic images of dead police are in this RT report on the killings of at least two police at a police station that wounded several others in Kazakhstan’s largest city, Almaty. The attacker(s) seemed to be religious radical(s.)  
“At first there were three or four single shots fired, and then there was a round. The unknown attacker ran away with the machine gun, and the policemen ran after him,” employees at nearby offices told media outlet.
Was it possibly a copycat attack inspired by the shootings yesterday in Baton Rouge?  This brazen attack seems to be part of an escalating situation: 
Last month, two gun shops were robbed, a bus was hijacked, and a military base in the western Kazakh city of Aktobe came under attack from local Islamists, who killed seven people, and wounded 37, most of whom were servicemen.
One of the attackers at the police station has been detained, according to the RT report; the situation is ongoing and at this point other shooters are still believed to be at large.


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