Friday, July 29

The U.S. Democratic Party is ready for its closeup, Mr DeMille

The question before me is how many movies did the Democrats show during their presidential nomination convention this week? And why no popcorn distributed to the convention attendees?

I've heard of the Hollywoodization of politics but this is ridiculous. There was a movie about Tim Kaine to introduce his VP acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention this week. There was a movie about Barack Obama to introduce his speech to the convention. There was a movie about Hillary Clinton to introduce her acceptance speech. 

Was there a movie about Michelle Obama to introduce her speech to the convention? Give me a moment to check. Yup, there was.  What about Joe Biden? The Joe Biden DNC Introduction Video Displayed His Moving History Of Public Service - VIDEO. As you can see not only was there a movie shown at the convention to introduce his speech to the convention, but it was also picked up by at least one website.

All right, what other speakers at the DNC were introduced with a movie about them? 

Maybe I'm going about this wrong. I should just ask whether every major speaker at the Democratic National Convention was introduced with a movie about the speaker. To make it even simpler -- just exactly how many movies were shown during the four days at the convention?

To really boil it down, how many attention-challenged people does the Democratic National Committee think make up today's Democratic Party?

Well there's only one way I can think to try and salvage a post about the Democratic Party's version of Sunset Boulevard. Here's the podcast of Dr Stephen F. Cohen's discussion on Tuesday's John Batchelor Show about the latest machinations of the Get Russia crowd. These include a serious attempt to resurrect McCarthyism in the USA.  

Also: Neo-McCarthyism and Olympic Politics as More Evidence of a New Cold War; Stephen F. Cohen; July 27, The Nation: McCarthyism was a characteristic feature of the preceding Cold War, but now it is coming from liberals, even from the Clinton campaign.

(The Nation is an uber-liberal publication.)

See how nicely it all strings together. Hillary Clinton. Hollywood. The Red Trump Scare. Attention-Deficit Democrats.


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