Thursday, July 14

The Pokémon Insurrection

Today Mark Belling, who's substituting while Rush is playing a golf tournament, blamed his producer for putting him up to the question: Why has the most recent version of the Pokémon monster game become a national craze? Mark wanted to know: Does this have anything to with politics?  

No it doesn't, and that's the point. Americans are sick of hearing about nothing but politics. Politics and whining. Whine whine whine whine whine whine whine. Last night Mark Levin played a clip from President Obama's speech at the Dallas memorial and after a minute he couldn't take it anymore. He said, "Aw, shut up." 

That's what I feel like saying to Levin every time I tune in although I admit it was funny the way he said it. But it's also funny because "Aw, shut up" is on its way to becoming the new American national anthem. It's the media, which is now nothing more than a department in the U.S. political industry, driving millions of American adults to chasing imaginary monsters around the streets.  


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