Friday, July 22

I think it's "Pata Pata" time again!

But then I'd have to look at that dress again and those back-up dancers. That's just why I find the video very inspiring; it shows how much a real talent can overcome. Me, I would have died rather than walk out on stage in that dress, which it seems had the backside burned or ripped out just before showtime and the seamstress used a piece of tarp to repair it. On second thought I'm not sure I want to be that much uplifted at this moment.

I know!  Let's do "Pain Boulette!!!" By the way I realized after looking at the video a few times that the woman stuffing her face with pain boulette is one of the back-up singers -- not a fan, as I'd first assumed. It's just that she was so animated while eating pain boulette and such a stick of wood on the stage that I didn't realize at first it was the same person. Her Jekell-and-Hyde turn makes the video even funnier -- and it was already hilarious. As one YouTube reviewer chuckled, "This is what I call Art!" I'll second that emotion.

Yes, let's dance and sing along with Souleymane Faye. Never mind if you can't sing a note of Wolof; all you have to do is keep singing the refrain: "Fabulous!"

Now let's return to a time in Senegal's capital city that was a lot less uptight than today, just as the nightclub in Paris where Coumba Gawlo belted out "Pata Pata!" showed a cheerful side of the French that isn't so evident in this era.

The moments in your life are your time, you own them. So it's up to you how much you want to let the events happening in your time get you down. I keep telling myself that. The hard part for me is to listen to what I'm saying. Okay, Pundita, shut up and dance.  

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