Tuesday, July 19

The 1001 Tales of the Turkish Coup Plot

And I think the guys (and a few gals) at Moon of Alabama and Sic Semper Tyrannis have discussed every one of them in the comment sections of those blogs during the past few days. In addition almost every pundit with an interest in defense matters has added to the tales of why the coup happened, why it failed, and whodunit.

Well, here is Gregory Copley's analysis of the coup for last night's John Batchelor Show and more importantly his views on what is going to happen in Turkey and the region as consequence.

As to which of the tales I favor -- the one where the French, British, German, and American governments wake up one morning and expel the Qatari, Saudi, and Turkish ambassadors and recall their own envoys from those countries, then ring up Bashar al-Assad and Vladimir Putin and say, 'We decided we don't want to empty the terrorism ocean with a sieve anymore. How do you advise we proceed from here?'

That's the tale I want to hear, the only one I want to hear. As God is my witness.


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