Wednesday, July 27


I'm just learning about this from Rush Limbaugh's show. This morning Trump held a no-holds-barred Q & A with the press that wrapped up just around the time Rush's show was starting, at noon EDT, and from what Rush said might have lasted as long as an hour.   

With this presser Trump upstaged the entire Democratic convention. In this he managed to make history because Republicans have never interfered with their opponent's national convention. But Trump poked fun at the (very strange) speech Bill Clinton gave at the convention last night and the accusations about the Russians. He sent the Clintonista entire media into hysterics by saying he hoped the Russians would find Clinton's missing emails. (The roughly 30,000 emails Clinton deleted that were on her private email server while she worked at State, and which the FBI had demanded she turn over.)  

I'm laughing too hard to finish this post. The story is all over Google News, you can't miss it.


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