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Wednesday, November 11

Diwali and American Veterans Day fall on the same day this year -- today

Diwali, the festival of lights, is rooted in diyas, the oil lamps Indian villagers set out to light the path for the Avatar Rama and his wife and brother on their return from an epic battle that vanquished the demon King Ravana and his army. 

The lunar festival celebrates the triumph of good over evil, the banishing of darkness.
Veterans Day, which always falls on November 11, honors all veterans of the American armed forces. The more somber Memorial Day is reserved for Americans in the military who died in the service of their country. 

The struggle against evil is never-ending but there are cyclic moments in time -- All Saints Day on November 1 in the Catholic calendar, Diwali and Veterans Day among them -- when we can join with others to honor those who do special battle against a darkness that can overtake the human heart.

Happy Veterans Day. Happy Diwali. May your path always be brightly lit no matter how dark the night.


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