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Friday, November 6

People of conscience, standing up to the foreign conspiracy to destroy Syria

It's all starting to come out now. More and more people are beginning to learn what actually happened.....

November 5, 2015

(Damascus) The Arab-European delegation to support Syria arrived in Damascus on Wednesday. It includes 30 political, social, cultural and economic figures and journalists from France, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Algeria, Tunis, Turkey, Morocco and Iraq.

The Arab-European delegation to support Syria affirmed on Thursday solidarity with and support for the Syrian people and leadership who are facing a terrorist war.

During a meeting with the National Reconciliation and the Arab and Foreign Affairs’ committees at the people’s Assembly, the delegation hailed the legendary steadfastness of Syrians who foiled the conspiracy which aims at destabilizing Syria.

Jan Michael a French, a writer and member of the delegation said that the visit is meant to express solidarity with Syria in its battle against terrorism, criticizing the use of terrorism by some countries as a tool to achieve their own political goals.

“Syrian parliamentarians represent a real popular will , and are defending the same human values which the Belgian parliamentarians are advocating,” Laurens Louis, a former Belgian MP said.

In turn, Riad Seedawi the Director of the Geneva-based Arab Center for Political and Social Studies pointed out to the media disinformation practiced by some media outlets are distorting the reality of what is going on Syria, adding that the conspiracy against Syria has become clear and victory will be achieved soon.

Chairwoman of the Arab, Foreign Affairs Committee at the People’s Assembly Fadia Deeb said that international changes began to take their course towards adopting stances that support Syria’s position in combating terrorism.

Manar al-Frieh/Manal


Rainbow over Damascus and Lattakia on October 29, 2015


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