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Monday, November 9

"Whoever gives them the most money gives them a new name"

RT's Murad Gazdiev travelled to the remote Syrian village of Ghmam, close to Hama, which had just been liberated from jihadists by Syrian troops. Their tanks are hidden to avoid the jihadists’ rockets, only 1km away in a nearby village.
The liberators are "Christian, Sunni and Shia" Syrians. They are fighting mostly foreigners -- Chechens and Afghans predominately -- who change their group name the way Imelda Marcos changed shoes. 

"Whoever gives them the most money gives them a new name," explained a volunteer.  

Murad said the Syrians fear the guided anti-tank missiles provided to the foreign mercenaries but are learning to adapt. "Now tanks sprint into position and pull back before they can be hit."

Murad didn't say it although he didn't need to; the edge the volunteers have is just that: these men aren't fighting for money; they are fighting for their homeland.  

Here's Murad's report:   

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