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Saturday, July 2

If the Iraqi soldiers were right, there are now some dead CIA advisors

Contrary to US advice, Iraq bombs an Isis convoy

At the end of the battle for Fallujah, a convoy of around 500 vehicles allowed Isis fighters to flee the city to Syria.

The Pentagon refused to bomb the convoy because the vehicles belonged to civilians and [saying?] they were probably transporting the wives and children of some jihadists.

However, the Iraqi army decided to bomb it, destroying more than 200 vehicles and killing their occupants.

Iraqi soldiers are convinced that the Pentagon had received instruction to let the CIA advisers that were training the jihadists escape.

Anoosha Boralessa


From the accompanying photo, the dead certainly don't look from their clothing as if they were civilians.  This raises the possibility that the U.S. had bad intel about the convoy's occupants -- or lied to their Iraqi counterparts. Either way, if the report is accurate the Iraqi troops obviously don't think much of U.S. assistance. The problem is that U.S. actions to support 'moderate' terrorists have been so egregious that it's now easy to suspect the worst of all American actions in the Middle East.  


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