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Sunday, July 3

Terror Attack in Dhaka By 'Nice' Boys From Good Schools: "It has become a fashion"

July 14, 2016 - 11:39 PM EDT Note to Reader:
Are you looking for a report on the terror attack in Nice, France?  This post is about the terrorists in Bangladesh who were known as "nice" boys. Here's the latest on the attack in Nice. 


"They are all highly educated young men and went to university. No one is from a madrassa."

Slain Dhaka terrorist Nibras Islam (at left) with chums 

CNN July 3
In a statement ISIS claimed responsibility, but Bangladeshi officials said the attack was carried out by homegrown militants and hinted towards a group called Jamaatul Mujahideen Bangladesh.

All the attackers in the deadly assault on a cafe in Dhaka were Bangladeshi citizens. Five were militants police had tried to arrest previously, Police Inspector General Shahidul Hoque said.
The attack was the deadliest and boldest act of terror in a country that has become increasingly numb to ever-escalating violence by Islamist militants.
India Today July 3

Even as Bangladesh tries to come to grips with the deadly terror attack in Dhaka, it has been revealed that one of the slain terrorists, Nibras Islam, was an educated young boy who came from an affluent family.

Nibras was allegedly brainwashed and radicalized by terrorists to carry out the heinous attack in the name of Islam.

Videos and photos from his profile show a well-spoken, pleasant young boy.


Another video shows a regular boy travelling with his friends in car, speaking fluent English, joking around.

According to his Facebook profile, the boy had studied in Monash University in Malaysia as well as Northsouth University in Dhaka.



According to reports, the terrorists were all aged between 20 or 21 and were students of Dhaka's North South University.

Some of the other youths involved in the attack also seem to have belonged to affluent families and had passed out of top-notch schools in the city like Scholastica and Turkish International School.

Nibras, it seems, had been missing since January, which was the last time his parents has managed to contact him.

Nibras himself is said to have been a former student of the International Turkish Hopes school in Dhaka.

The boy was identified by his former classmates in North South University.



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