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Monday, July 4

What America's Independence Day Means to Google

It's always hard for me to criticize Google because without Google there would be no Pundita blog. Yes I know there are other free blog hosts but they require effort. In the earnest words of Google's CEO when years ago I refused Google's repeated requests to upgrade the program for the blog, 'Miss Pundita, I assure you, even a monkey can do this upgrade.'  (Just joking).  Google has remained understanding although it won't let me delete the blog's comment section until I upgrade, which forces me to delete most comments myself. 

But there are additional reasons I stay with Google's Blogger. One reason: early on I deleted the blog because I decided blogging was too much work. Eventually I changed my mind. Those were the days when one could write Blogger and quickly receive a personal answer -- and they cheerfully restored the blog and all its posts. For free.  

In short my relationship with Google is founded on loyalty that puts my complaints about the company in context, even though I have had rather strong criticism about the way it's conducted itself in the international sphere in several instances.  

By the same reasoning I would ask Google to think twice about what Independence Day means to them. Does it really mean eating hot dogs, mowing the lawn, marching in a band and playing baseball? Is that now the only safe way for a globalized American company to allude to the epoch-making document called the Declaration of Independence?

There are years when I am so angry at my government and politics of my fellow Americans that I don't trust myself to make any comment about Independence Day. But again it's a matter of putting things in context. If I am going to mention the day, at the least I can make a reference to what it actually stands for.

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