Sunday, October 2

AP and CBS, if Ahrar al Sham told you the moon over Syria is made of Swiss cheese?

I don't like collaborative reports because then I don't know which news organization to snap at, so I'll just have to snap at both. From an AP/CBS report today headlined Russia warns U.S. of “tectonic consequences” in Syria:
The powerful ultraconservative Ahrar al-Sham militant group said rebels regained control Saturday of several positions they lost in Aleppo in the Bustan al-Basha neighborhood.
The report was filed from Beirut. That's in Lebanon. Talk about phoning it in. 

Now I'll turn to a report filed today by Leith Fadel at AMN headlined Syrian Army continue massive Aleppo offensive, filed from a city called Aleppo. [waving a map at Associated Press and CBS] That's in a place called Syria:
The Syrian Arab Army's Republican Guard, backed by Liwaa Al-Quds (Palestinian paramilitary), continued their large-scale offensive inside Aleppo City on Saturday night, targeting several sectors of the city that are controlled by the jihadist rebels of Fatah Halab and Jaysh Al-Fateh.
Starting with the northern sector of Aleppo City, the Syrian Armed Forces continued their offensive in the Bustan Al-Basha District, capturing more building blocks amid the collapse of Fatah Halab's first-line of defense.
The AP/CBS report was filed Octber 2 at "8:49 AM." Generally when the time zone isn't indicated on a US report from a news organization based on the East coast, it refers to Eastern time.  

The AMN report was filed October 2 at 4:50 AM Syria time, which is 7 hours ahead of Eastern time. 

Also note the AMN report makes no mention of Ahrar al Sham fighting in the Bustan Al-Basha District.  So are AP and CBS using Ahrar al Sham as a stringer?  ("Stringer" is newspaper talk for an independent reporter.)  If so I'm not sure that is a good idea. What if AS told them the moon over Syria is made of Swiss cheese? Which they might be inclined to do, given that ultraconservatives don't like infidels very much. 

Have a nice day, Associated Press and CBS!  [sticking her thumbs in her ears and wiggling her fingers] 


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