Saturday, October 29

Mob punishes black homeless woman for speaking truth to Democratic Party power

“Obama threw our black asses under the bus, he owes the Clintons, flip this script (get off the Clinton plantation).”

Yes, most who attacked her were white but they won't be accused of racism. The pattern has been established in America by Democratic Party 'activists:' if what a person says is deemed hateful by the party and media that serve it, this is the excuse to unleash violence on the person.

Violent crowd attacks, insults homeless woman guarding Trump’s Hollywood star
October 29, 2016

A black homeless woman guarding Donald Trump’s Hollywood [now restored] Walk of Fame star [after it was vandalized by a millionaire 'activist'] was the victim of violent harassment by an anti-Trump crowd. Videos of the abuse show people yelling at the woman and knocking her to the ground as the insults continue.

A number of videos titled ‘Crazy 4 Trump’ posted on YouTube show a crowd of people surrounding the woman as she holds up banners in support for the Republican presidential nominee. 

Her hand-written signs promote pro-Trump messages like “Twenty million illegals and Americans sleep on the streets in tents” and “Donald Trump - keeping it real”.

Some of the banners included provocative language, including one targeting the US president, reading, “Obama threw our black asses under the bus, he owes the Clintons, flip this script (get off the Clinton plantation).”

A crowd on Hollywood Boulevard, not a hotspot for Trump supporters, did not share the woman’s political preferences. Nor did they choose to let her be.

People are heard yelling insults at the woman, but one man temporarily stops the insults.

“Alright, guys, we are all very upset about Trump, what he said, what he’s done to our country, but yelling at this woman will not save the situation,” he said. “Just go and vote on November 8, and we will all forget about this guy.”

His words calmed the crowd briefly, but verbal abuses continued as someone started accusing the woman of “spewing” hate.

Soon, the situation turned violent, with some physically assaulting the woman and damaging her property. She was knocked off her feet, her cart overturned and her banners torn to pieces.

Once she was down, she remained on the sidewalk. Some in the crowd urged others not to touch or help the woman, while others asked if she needed water.

The woman had been guarding Trump’s star since millionaire activist James Otis hammered it beyond recognition on Wednesday night.



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