Saturday, October 8

Suspected planned bomb attack in Chemnitz, Germany (UPDATED 8:45, 9:35, 11:20 am EDT)


The Independent (U.K.) has the latest details:

Chemnitz bombing plot: German city on lockdown as armed police launch operation against planned terror attack

Suspect on loose as police investigate preparations for bombing

UPDATE 9:32am

Finally one of the Russian news sites, RT, has picked up on the story. If as I'd guessed earlier the German govenment had been trying to keep a lid on the story, it's blown off: 

Manhunt for Chemnitz ‘bomb plot’ suspect: German police looking for 22-yo Syrian

UPDATE 8:45am

The (U.K.) Daily Mirror has more on the incident than the following CNN report, which quickly disappeared from Google News front page. Strangely the incident isn't reported at RT or Sputnik, both of which are usually on top of stories about a suspected terrorist plot against a European city.  Ta
king a guess I'd say the German government wants to downplay the situation. 

But from the Mirror report, the threat is quite serious because the tip was that the bombing attack was planned against an airport, and the suspected bomber is still on the loose.


Chemnitz: Major police operation ongoing in German city
By Laura Goehler and Laura Smith-Spark, CNN
Updated 8:13 AM ET, Sat October 8, 2016


(CNN)Officers are carrying out a major operation in the German city of Chemnitz "because of the suspicion of a planned bomb attack," Saxony police said on Saturday.
No suspect has yet been detained, police said. An explosion heard at the scene "was a protective measure taken by the police," the police force said via Twitter, as it warned people in the area to stay indoors.

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