Saturday, October 1

Memo to Axis of Scoundrels: Shut up about Aleppo, you filthy hypocrites

Cartoon by Carlos Latuff -- published in 2011

I've only had time to skim Patrick Bahzad's sitrep today for Sic Semper Tyrannis, titled Showdown in Aleppo. From the glance it looks alright to me -- although I think he wasted time arguing with scoundrels about urban warfare. These people know what they're about; they tried to take over Syria and got caught with their hands in the cookie jar, now to save face they're crying crocodile tears over the plight of civilians trapped in urban combat, end of story. 

See also Moon of Alabama's post from yesterday, Syria: The U.S. Propaganda Shams Now Openly Fail, from whence I sequestered the 2011 Latuff cartoon. (Note how far back people who were wide awake accurately called what was going on in the Middle East.) 

But of course it's not only American propaganda; it's the entire axis of NATO and Gulf Arab governments, and now their lies about Syria are finally being exposed. End of story.


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