Wednesday, October 5

Uh oh. Remember that story about TOW, MANPADs being shipped to Syria from Bulgaria?

It turns out it's more complicated than that, and it's worse than that because it involves Turkey and Islamic State and GRAD missiles or is it GROD missiles, in addition to TOW and MANPADS. You figure it out. Have fun. I've been up all night and I'm about to crash. 

Here's the podcast for John Batchelor's discussion with Steve Cohen last night, which I've just heard. Part of the talk about the weapons shipments is very close to the beginning of the discussion, and more at around the 20 minute mark.  By the way be sure to listen to both parts.

Regarding that important meeting John references in the discussion, here's the link to the Washington Post report about it, filed by Josh Rogin. Josh was on Batchelor's show last night to elaborate on the report. Here's the podcast.  



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