Tuesday, October 18

Was the USS Mason fired at, or was it a radar malfunction?

The Navy destroyer USS Mason fired countermeasures in the Red Sea on Saturday after it detected what it believed were incoming missiles.
Officials Saturday night were uncertain about what exactly happened, if there were multiple incoming missiles or if there was a malfunction with the radar detection system on the destroyer.
"We are aware of the reports and we are assessing the situation. All of our ships and crews are safe and unharmed," one US defense official told CNN.
Better assess a little more quickly. From the start of this drama, every alleged missile fired at the Mason reportedly fell short; i.e., none of the perceived missiles ever hit the ship. 

So if there was a radar malfunction, the obvious question would be whether ALL OF THE EARLIER alleged missile firings at the USS Mason from Houthi 'territory' were simply ghosts in the ship's radar system. 

That would certainly explain why the missiles kept falling short:  there never were any. 

And is there ANY evidence of missile firings ASIDE from radar images?


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