Thursday, October 15

Excuse me, but Obama's female defense advisers are airheads

Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, Samantha Power, Victoria Nuland. The Four Horsewomen of the Apocalypse.  

That's not counting Valerie Jarrett. I'm leaving Michelle out of this because I think she has too much common sense to play armchair general.

But what a mess those female advisers have made. How many countries is it? Let's see. Egypt, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Ukraine, Russia. And let us not forget Turkey. And Pakistan.  

Those are just the ones I've looked at; there are probably others as well. And it's not simply Ukraine; that mess spilled into all European NATO countries -- and the European Union.  

But maybe that's part of Obama's evil plan: When Apocalypse gets here, throw the airheads under the bus.  

I suspect he's already thrown CENTCOM under the bus, except I can't figure out how he would have done it. I just know there is something very odd about The Daily Beast rather than The New York Times getting that "exclusive" on CENTCOM shaping intel on Islamic State before it went to the White House.

Maybe I'm blaming Obama when eyes should be on DNI Clapper, but it's a virtual certainty that the exclusive would have been shopped first to the Times. That suggests to me that the story didn't pass the smell test for editors at the Times, which has very extensive sources at the CIA.

In addition, all that Obama's advisers at the NSC had to do was read the newspapers to be aware that the threat from "ISIS" was very serious and that the group was taking over and holding large territory in Iraq and Syria.     

That doesn't mean the general complaint of the whistleblowers -- which is the politicization of intelligence -- doesn't have merit; the situations they outlined have become endemic in the U.S. government. But as the excuse for Obama's major fail on Islamic State?  And to offload the fail onto CENTCOM?

Well, I guess they can always throw Ed under the bus. Again. Just a few weeks ago Clapper blamed Edward Snowden for U.S. intel limitations in Afghanistan. Are they going to blame Snowden for their refusal to accept the huge cache of intel on terrorists that Russia offered them? Or for their refusal, year after year, to accept intel that the Afghan NDS dug up on Pakistan's activities in Afghanistan?  

So it's not just politics wrecking U.S. intelligence efforts. It's also entrenched ideologies. Christine Fair identified what she termed a "cell" in the Department of State that has long shaped -- and greatly distorted -- U.S. intelligence on Pakistan. (See the video of her talk, below; if you've never heard that particular talk of hers I'd advise listening twice and taking notes the second time.)

Very bad American decisions on Pakistan were made a long time before Hillary Clinton went to State and they were made by males. Goes to show that airheads are not gender specific. But Obama's experiment with allowing women -- women in no way qualified -- to run American defense policy, simply because they are female gender and share his ideology, has had terrible consequences for hundreds of millions of peoples in other countries.

The awful irony is that the decisions of Obama's female airheads have been particularly devastating to females in the countries.


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