Thursday, October 29

Kurdish female troopers fighting Islamic State: Give 'em hell, Ladies!

Below, four from Sputnik's fab photo essay of Kurdish Peshmerga women fighting alongside their menfolk against Islamic State. These women aren't playing at war -- but note the lipstick and eye makeup! 

This is something today's Afghan men and women must learn: when people arrive who are trying to destroy you, it is all hands on deck to fight them. And yes I know there were some Afghan women who rose up to fight decades ago -- I think they were communists or otherwise didn't want to live under an Islamist reign of terror. But it is the here and now that counts.       

I am certain that Afghans don't know the great secret about the United States: the women are just as fierce as the men. How did this happen? The pioneer experience is deeply embedded in the American psyche. Women and even girls on the frontiers had to be ready to handle a gun to protect the homestead because there was no police force out there, no military, and often no close neighbors. Yet this willingness to kill and be killed to defend the family made the women no less feminine. 

Those who say this is no longer the case about American women -- I hope to God they never have to learn how wrong they are.  



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