Friday, October 2

Saudi Arabia makes it explicit it's fighting a proxy war in Syria to remove Assad

First, I updated my post of last night about the airplane crash in Afghanistan that killed Americans with this NBC News report and an AFP report that mentions the Taliban claimed to have shot down the plane, a claim the U.S. military spokesman dismisses. The NBC report cites a higher death toll and a few more details about the crash than did the Reuters I quoted in the original version of the post.


September 30, USA TODAY:
NEW YORK — Any future for Syria that includes embattled President Bashar Assad is "a non-starter," and Russian efforts to back him in Syria's long civil war are bound to fail, Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir predicted.
Either Assad and his main allies, Russia and Iran, accept a political transition that involves Assad’s removal, or Saudi Arabia and its allies will “change the balance of forces on the ground and make it very clear where this is heading,” al-Jubeir said during a meeting Tuesday with reporters while attending the 70th United Nations General Assembly. [...]
That's the old-school way of getting around the modern taboo of a government invading and conquering another country. None of the phony peaceful democratic  'color' revolutions for the Saudis. They do it the manly sneak's way:

  • First you instigate an uprising in a country to provoke the government into defending its existence. 
  • Then you and your allies fund a proxy army to liberate the people from the government and stuff the army with the most sadistic mercenaries you can find.  
  • Then you install a puppet government after spreading around a few billion dollars at the United Nations.    

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