Monday, October 12

Great overview of Islamic State's march, packed into one graphic

First I want to mention corrections I made to an October 11 post, in which my flying fingers typed "Free Syrian Observatory" rather than the organization's correct name, Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, and "In the National Interest" for the American magazine named The National Interest. I don't think that's the first time I've typed SOHR's name wrong; must be a Freudian slip or something. With that out of the way:

The graphic is from Sputnik's report today, Russia's "Stunning Display of Military Prowess" Damages US Prestige, which I find annoying because if one isn't interested in the Moscow-Washington spat, the graphic, which is tacked on at the end of the report, can be overlooked. I almost missed it, but here it is and if you have trouble seeing all of it in your browser, see it at the Sputnik site. 

One note:  there is a mistake in the graphic's timeline: the text for Australian air strikes on two different dates (Sept 16 and 27) is identical; maybe an editor will catch the error later today.    

Also, the graphic shows U.S. actions against IS up to this point, which isn't flattering to the Obama Administration or, for that matter, the international coalition that was formed to fight IS. Fair enough, I suppose, but it tends to take away from the central message of the graphic, which is the great threat posed by IS to all societies.     


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