Friday, October 16

Gregory Copley on fight against Boko Haram, Ann Marlowe on Libya's pirate state

Two boffo discussions on John Batchelor's radio show last night. Ann Marlowe tells about a mystery in Libya that may or may not be murder most foul, and in that way gives a crash course on the country's pirate state, a smuggler's paradise. They don't care what they smuggle; diesel fuel, humans, you name it. 

This state, we learn from Ann, existed long before Gaddafi's fall and has connections with crime syndicates in some European countries. As to whether the syndicates have connections with the governments in those countries, draw your own conclusion after listening to the tale.   

Gregory Copley fills in the blanks about American and African military efforts against Boko Haram. The efforts have moved at a snail's pace but he dryly explains how the posse is working to get its act together.    

See also this October 14 BBC report, Boko Haram crisis: US deploys troops in Cameroon.

Here's the podcast for the two discussions; they're the last two segments.


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