Friday, October 9

Hey, Europe, how does it feel to get done to you what you've done to Israelis?

The human smugglers are deploying against the Europeans a famous battle tactic used by insurgents: provoke the government forces until they overreact, then scream, 'Look at the atrocities inflicted on us.'  So then more people join the insurgency.  

Very powerful tactic, one that is hard for a government to deal with effectively, especially in the fishbowl era of communications. The counter-tactic usually works out to the government turning the other cheek and trying to paper over the insurgents with tons of money, which can backfire -- generally when the insurgency is supported by a foreign government(s) with deep pockets.

I've just told the story of Israel's life.  

Will the Europeans rethink their position on the "Palestinian" issue now that they're walking a mile in Israel's moccasins?  Oh, they'll rethink, but they'll need to take a lot more punishment before they change their behavior. 

More punishment is on the way. However, I note that the BBC has dropped "refugee" from this headline today:

Migrant arrivals in Greece 'surge' to 7,000 daily - IOM.

The Europeans are also set to learn the hard way how Israel's hardliners got so much political power.  


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