Thursday, October 8

US-Qaeda-Muslim Brotherhood caper in Syria is Iran-Contra scandal all over again

Boy oh boy. What a bunch of sneaks. It's getting to the point that I'm beginning to doubt many accusations made against Bashar al-Assad, or rather I don't know whom to believe anymore. I know I don't believe a word the U.S. Department of State says. Not since Benghazi. But Benghazi was just the final straw.  

That's sad. After all, it's my own government. Or is it?  Parts of my government seem to have been shanghaied. By whom?  Don't know, but it's not the Usual Suspects anymore. Might simply be the highest bidders. However, I can put in a good word for the FBI, and Treasury. The latter have gotten very suspicious about the large number of new Toyotas ending up in Islamic State hands. Good for Treasury.  

Anyhow, for the benefit of the Guardian and CNN and all other media outlets that have been passing along information provided by the Free Syrian Observatory, it looks as if the director, as the Guardian terms him, is also the sole employee -- although who pays the salary is unclear. The director is not very forthcoming with details about his organization because people are trying to kill him, you see. He's based in London, although he makes side trips -- no no, not to Syria; he hasn't been there for 15 years. Kazakhstan, I guess that being a good place to observe the doings of Syrian rebels.
Since the start of its anti-terror campaign in Syria, Russia has [been featured] in SOHR reports, which were quickly picked up by major Western media outlets. One of the latest wires from the Observatory, alleging that "Russian warplanes killed 30 civilians in Homs including women and children,” made headlines worldwide on October 1.
Interestingly enough, the same wire published on the Arabic version of the SOHR website on the same date did not mention any Russian warplanes. It said: "27 civilians dead in airstrikes by Assad regime air forces."
As you can see if you click on the two links in this post, I've been having fun browsing RT. That Russian newspaper is all that's stood between me and a serious case of depression this past week. I am very upset about the security situation in Afghanistan. Reading from the Russian point of view about Russia's air campaign in Syria and the related issues has been my fuel. The Russian government is really trying hard. They actually want to win against the terror armies. How, how -- old fashioned.  

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