Saturday, October 10

What?? As many as a third of Islamic State are Turks? Thanks for sharing, CNN

Many Turks have joined ISIS' ranks, with a large number being recruited in Ankara, according to reports. Turks may make up a third of ISIS, according to reports.
I suppose I should thank Land Destroyer for spotting that sentence near the end of CNN's report on the twin bomb blasts in Ankara, which as of the latest tally killed 97 people and wounded more than 400. But I almost wish I hadn't seen it. "According to reports."  WHICH reports, CNN? Mind letting us in on the secret? 

Anyhow, do you get the feeling Land Destroyer is a little suspicious about the identity of the perps in the Ankara bombings? 
Blast Shakes Ankara Just in Time to Justify NATO Incursion into Syria

C'mon, Tony. We wouldn't go that far. although I can think of some governments that would.  Boy. They never told us Armageddon would involve so many sneaks.   

There's an internet video from a few years back that Syria has offshore petroleum and gas deposits that if developed would be the largest in the world. The claim is clearly part of a conspiracy theory that's in the tinfoil hat range, but I am beginning to wonder what is really going on in that country. 


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