Wednesday, October 21

Putin to Obama and other terror-sponsoring heads of state: The party's over

"Russia has basically gatecrashed an underground party that has been going on for four years. Countries like the US, Turkey, Jordan and NATO allies like the UK and France have been able to operate in the shadows. Russia has basically barged in, switched on the lights and said the party’s over. " -- Patrick Henningsen

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad traveled to Moscow yesterday to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Putin's top-level policymakers and to thank the Russian people for their help in preserving Syria's sovereignty beepbeepbeep banned word in USA and freeing Syrians from the grip of terrorists.

Meanwhile the U.S. Department of State graciously granted al-Assad leave to stay on a bit as Syria's president during the nation's beepbeepbeep banned word in USA "transitional process."     

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