Sunday, October 25

I am still asking why Joshua Wheeler had to die

I've read the reports today at CNN, which I will no longer quote because I've reached my gag limit with their water carrying for the Obama Administration, and the Guardian, on the helmet cam footage from the raid on the Islamic State-run prison in which Master Sergeant Wheeler was mortally wounded.  And I've watched the footage.

I have one question. How long did the U.S. command in Iraq know the prison was an Islamic State site?

Now it looks as if Sputnik has lit a fire under the U.S. Department of Defense, unless it's a coincidence that DoD has started getting onto Google News a daily press release on U.S. kills of Islamic State in Syria and Iraq. Here is the one for October 24.  

I'm going to be looking five days a week for the DoD kill list; Sputnik takes a break on the weekends from publishing Russian kills so I don't have a problem with the DoD doing the same. But I want to see significant kill reports from DoD -- not just an IS truck or gas station. Understand?

I would also like to see how many of those kills happen during night raids. Or is the U.S. allowing IS in Iraq their beauty sleep? The Russians are bombing 24/7 in Syria. All night. Which of course is a good way to keep up pressure on IS and the rest of the terror alphabet soup.  
Now I have before me another Sputnik report, datelined today, about Iraq's government allowing the Russian air force to cross into Iraq territory to bomb Terror, Inc. fighters as they flee across the Syrian border. Of course that's another way to keep up pressure. And it will help the Iraqi military cut off the supply ratlines from Iraq into Syria.

I would like to see the U.S. help the Russians in this operation, given that shutting down the ratlines is vital, and so is preventing the Syrian branch of Terror, Inc. from regrouping in Iraq.  

If this means the U.S. ends up bombing some of their assets in Terror Inc., and similar assets provided by the governments of Turkey, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia -- let's not make Joshua Wheeler's death in vain.


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