Wednesday, October 21

The Axis of Sneaks

Russian airstrikes destroyed 83 Islamic State targets during past 24 hours. IS and Nusra Front are now so worried about the Syrian Army that they're negotiating to join forces. Wonderful; that'll make both groups of demons even easier targets for Russian and Syrian airstrikes.  

How long has it been now that Russia's been carrying out strikes? Three weeks? There was one Syrian official who said that the Russians had done more in 15 days against the bad guys in Syria than the US had in two years. Hello, the US and its allies Al Saud, Qatar, and Turkey ARE the bad guys. All right Pundita; settle down. 

The Axis of Sneaks. All right, that's enough. Then of course there's that other member of the Axis of Sneaks, Pakistan. Another great American ally. Along with Canada and the rest of the Commonwealth. Enough! Enough! 

Okay, I suppose there's actually nothing funny about my country being a rogue state. But what a bunch of two-faced sneaks. Justice, democracy, and sharia law for all. All right. THAT IS ENOUGH. [laughing] If Russia doesn't watch out, soon it's going to be hosting millions of American refugees. 

I'm sorry I can't finish writing this post. Here's the Sputnik report on the latest Russian bombing raids.


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