Friday, October 9

Obama and Al Saud go berserk against Russia. EC says 'Enough.'

October 9:
Europe must treat Russia with more decency, improve the relationship, and not let EU policies be dictated by Washington, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said in a surprise speech in Germany. ...
Truly, even the worm may turn even though it isn't quite prepared to scold the Saudis. I guess the European Commission realized Obama and the 'Get Russia' crowd are prepared to do anything to save face, but a third world war would be the EC's limit. 

It's the incident of Obama forcing down Evo Morales's plane all over again. This time the rampage is over Russia's actions in Syria, but it's the rampage part that the rest of the world is seeing.     

Of course -- of course -- the rest of the world is not saying "Obama."  They're saying it's "Americans" who are out of control.  

So thanks a lot President Obama, and thanks to Vice President Biden, Senator McCain, and the rest of the Americans in the Get Russia crowd. You sure know how to screw things up for the USA.

What now?  The Obama regime has decided to abandon its training program for "moderate" opponents of Syria's government and just give weapons to every "rebel" group in sight.  

Will the firepower include manpads?  I think Obama will supply the manpads to Al Saud to supply the rebels with. This way the Pentagon can say we didn't do it.


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