Sunday, September 17

American movies - crap. American pop music - crap. American entertainment - crap.

After struggling through Wikipedia's review of the movie It and Rex Reed's by now-famous review of mother! ("Maybe the worst movie of the century") I'll pass on watching a politically correct movie about cannibalism of children by a circus clown (It) -- but it's okay because the child protagonists are Social Victims (bullied, etc.) -- and cannibalism of an infant (mother!) but it's okay because the director is an Artiste --  

After plowing through the Guardian's explanation that American 'hardcore' punk music is fueling the antifa political gangs -- and learning that a black American rapper's latest offering, appropriately titled Look at me, features a 'symbolic' lynching of a white child -- 

After getting one glance at the American fashion and cosmetic industry's Gender Fluidity -- 

I'm actually afraid to learn about the Fall lineup of TV programs on American broadcast and cable television -- but that's okay because I stopped watching television in 2013. 

Which I suspect points to the problem for the American entertainment industry. 

Like an aging teen idol pop singer who engages in progressively wilder antics to keep media attention, industrialized American entertainment has entered the gross-out phase in a desperate bid to keep market share.

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