Saturday, September 9

right now i've tuned to local live irma coverage Fox4 in Fort Myers, Florida UPDATED 10:45 pm, 9//11 - 3:10 am EDT

UPDATE 9/11 - 3:10 am

The YouTube link below is currently not linking to the live broadcast at Fox24 in Fort Myers. Here is a 'live' link to the continuous broadcast at Fox24 as of 3:10 am on 9/11.  (No guarantee the same link will be working later today)

UPDATE -- note to friend --
oh yeah, irma very tricky.  just learned this local Fox TV station -- in Ft Myers -- is saying they're going to be on t he air all night and all day tomorrow.  hope they make it. 170K power outages in the region already. also, just heard that anyone left in the keys is not going to make it, the storm surge is expected to be so high.  anyhow, i like the local reporting better than CNN, as with houston.  I think i might go to their website, which is also streaming live -- give them some support instead of youtube. these people are really invested -- they live right in the bull's eyes.  next official update 20 minutes. 


no idea how long that station will be on the air or streaming on YouTube but at this time Fort Myers and their viewing area are in the bull's eye for Irma as it travels up the Fla coast.

next official update at 11 pm Eastern time.


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