Friday, September 1

Solving age-old question of why the chicken crossed to the other side of the road

Trust Sputnik's team of video hunters to find this gem. The shots of all the chickens walking down the road are priceless.

Chinese Farmer Just Whistles to Call His Army of Trained Chickens for Dinner
16:18 - September 1, 2017

This fantastic footage captured on August 14 [and posted at YouTube] shows the moment hundreds of hungry free-range fowls fly down the hills and walk along the road after their farmer blows a whistle. These clever chickens know this signal means it’s time to eat!

Luo Haitao, a farmer from Tongren Prefecture in China's Guizhou Province, has developed his own chicken feeding technique: he just blows a whistle, and his flock of birds come to him from different hills to get their food.


You know what this world needs? A Pulitzer Price for simple practical solutions. 


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