Wednesday, September 13

Suddenly everything's all right with the world

Well, Mecca has been converted to a garish Islamic version of Disneyland and it's probably the same for Medina or will be soon. But let us climb on a magic carpet of music and travel back in time, back to when Medina was a wondrous and mysterious place. The pilots are the deathless Sabri Brothers. All aboard!


"The wonders of His Glory are glitteringly manifest in Medina
The ardent gaze knows boundless fulfilment in Medina
There's neither sorrow of life nor fear of death in Medina
We will perform the prayer of Love in Medina
Clear and direct is the path to God in Medina"

English lyrics at are from Atif Aslam's inspired version of the qawwali, which he sang as a tribute to the Sabri Brothers. 


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