Friday, September 8

Live streaming YouTube Fox7 News Miami Florida -The Weather Channel UPDATED 4:20 pm, 5:20 pm EDT

I'm also having good luck so far with this live stream at YouTube 

Oh heck, ads are now streaming along with the local station live streaming. Well, they don't last long, but if anyone has a better idea than Fox7 Miami for internet streaming, email me and I'll post the link. Also, if Fox Miami (or other Fla. local stations) goes off air during the storm, check out local TV stations in Georgia, maybe Atlanta. Here's link to Fox Atlanta TV:

UPDATE 5:25 PM 9/5 -- I see the link for Fox7 Miami at YouTube is dead.

(Brief stops in the live coverage due to station breaks, which aren't shown on the live stream.)  

Right now I'm watching live stream CNN on YouTube via "News Flood Houston:"

But there are several postings on YouTube of CNN and Fox live streaming. 

I haven't checked today on which local Florida stations are streaming. 


Next major National Hurricane Center update just before 5 PM EDT. NHC updates with "cone" adjustments (showing hurricane path) from latest 'storm tracker' data are 4x/day - 5 and 11 am, 5 and 11 pm EDT.

As of now outer bands of Irma are about 100 miles away from South Florida tip.  Irma is still "high-end" Category 4 with sustained winds 155 mph. Headed straight for South Florida, which is 100 miles wide; Irma is 400 miles wide. Wind speeds in S. Florida will start to pick up after nightfall tonight, intensify throughout Sat, strike the Florida Keys early Sun.     


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