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"Frida, the rescue dog in Mexico who has captured the hearts of the world"

She is so loved there are proposals on Facebook to feature her image on a Mexican currency note.

September 21, 2017

Frida is a six-year-old labrador who was trained by the [Mexican] Navy to assist in finding people in disaster zones. She, along with her three companions Eco, Evil and Titan, have won the applause and hearts of the Mexicans thanks to their rescue work, especially in the last September 7 earthquake, which left several areas in Oaxaca devastated.

Frida has rescued more than 52 people in Mexico. This great work is added to her work in the fire in the Pemex tower, and also landslides in Guatemala and an earthquake in Ecuador.

Frida has filled articles, threads from Reddit and a lot of love messages on Twitter and Facebook. The friendly appearance of the animal and its particular outfit, with protective booties and goggles to protect against smoke and debris, has triggered a worldwide lovefest for Frida on social media.

The iconic character of Frida is so popular that there are already proposals on Facebook to put her on the 500 peso notes.

Frida’s work life, as well as that of the other companions of the SEMAR Search and Rescue Team, is limited so her retirement, after five years of self-sacrificing work, is not far off. Most of the animals are offered as pets to the service humans themselves, who have lived and worked with them, side by side, for years.

Since the earthquake in Oaxaca, the rescue dogs of the Mexican Marine Secretariat (SEMAR) have played a key role in rescue efforts. Dogs, being smaller and less heavy than humans, are less risky on unstable debris, and their training and sense of smell allows them to identify more quickly people trapped alive.



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