Saturday, July 25

BREAKING NEWS: Google News Top Story not about Sandra Bland or Louisiana theater shooter!!

It's probably only a momentary glitch in one of the bots because if it's not about mass shootings and racially-charged incidents in the USA, Google News doesn't consider it the top story anymore. But I swear I just went to Google News and there at the top was a BBC report about Turkey. The country. Even though moments earlier the top story was yet another of the million reports featuring ruminations about the mental state of the theater shooter.

Well. Enjoy it while it lasts even though the report is two hours old. Yes indeed, nothing like Google News for keeping the American public up to the minute.

Now why has Google News taken up a slavish obeisance to race-baiting black American activists and President Obama's wish to see guns taken away from Americans? I have no idea but I can tell you there are some mighty strange doings at Mountain View these days. 


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