Thursday, July 30

Channel Tunnel: Who's orchestrating the assault on UK via Calais?

From CNN,  July 29:  3,500 migrants try to enter Channel Tunnel to go from France to UK
On Tuesday night, 1,500 migrants tried to enter the Channel Tunnel, operator Eurotunnel said.  ... And overnight Monday, 2,000 migrants tried to enter the Channel Tunnel through the French terminal near Calais, Eurotunnel said.
Calais police Officer Gilles Debove told French state radio that "2,000 migrants didn't arrive just like that."
"We can't possibly imagine it's a wave of 2,000 migrants," Debove said. "Let us be clear: Those are 2,000 intrusions on the site. To compare, about three weeks ago, it was around 500."
Debove said about 1,000 migrants had been waiting around the Eurotunnel site and had repeatedly cut fences.
NATO needs to find out very quickly who's organized and directed this sophisticated operation because its implications are alarming.  I don't want to hear, and the French and UK authorities shouldn't want to hear, that it's just a few well-meaning European and British humanitarian organizations trying to help the downtrodden get into the UK. 

But right now the French and British need to call in the military and treat the operation as an assault. The most troubling aspect of the op is that it's clearly designed to probe for weaknesses in European/UK border security.   

See also BBC July 29, Channel Tunnel lorry drivers 'threatened with [steel] bars and knives.' 
Thousands of truckers recounting they're being threatened by 'migrants.'  The situation is escalating.  



bdoran said...

Why UK Leftists and Elites who don't care very much for those pasty English are my Dear. The same people - substitute US for UK - who opened the US southern border.

If you're interested the Border Patrol has been bullied within and murdered from without to stop enforcing the Law, and they aren't. Orders you see.

I don't know nor are the English my business, but you see in the US we have government that's come to realize it's core interest is in replacing it's people.
Who are growing quite dangerous to said government and elites.

Please note that the looting of England by outsiders attracted to it's wealth and superior tax system is ancient - since the Vikings. The same is happening in America now, there's no reason given same circumstances History doesn't repeat itself in the same lands...for it always has.

The English are in the position of their Saxon forbears and we are The New American Indians. I mean the Red Man to avoid confusion.

History is of course a wheel.

Pundita said...

I think something else was at work in that particular assault, something that has flown under the radar of the usual antics of the Left and the elites. Keep in mind that the assault shut down a major traffic artery. Under cover of the chaos, some real bad guys could have slipped through. This must have also been noted by British military and MI5. But while the assault had earmarks of a classic military-style swarm attack, it wasn't necessarily orchestrated with a military objective in mind -- although the method of attack wouldn't be lost on military planners of all kinds.

On Friday I put forward an admittedly speculative theory -- that organized crime was behind the assault, if one looks at the larger pattern: "Big money changing hands is fueling migrant crisis."