Monday, July 27

Question for Google: How many days do you plan to keep the death of Bobbi Brown as the top story at Google News?

Reports obsessing over her death have only been at the top of Google News ever since the news broke that she was dead.  Who is Bobbi Brown?  Some druggie who drowned in a bathtub and whose mother was a singer named Whitney Houston, who also drowned in a bathtub.  Actually I loved Houston's performance in The Bodyguard but what passes for a news establishment in this country is turning me into a curmudgeon.

As for Google News -- I'm beginning to realize that "free" isn't a bargain when it comes to news aggregator sites.

The security situation in Afghanistan is at a crisis level.  But you should see the reports that Google News is posting on Afghanistan.  At least  four  -- given separate postings -- are on a shooting at a wedding party. Another is about crossing-dressing children.  Another is about banning toy guns in Afghanistan.

In short Google is unable to find news reports that can give Americans an understanding of what is happening that is of great import in the country in terms of its politics and security and about NATO efforts in the country.

Given the huge investment of American lives and money in Afghanistan, that's an outrage.  And given the scope of the tragedy in the country -- a tragedy that can be blamed in no small part on the most influential NATO countries pandering for years to Pakistan's regime -- the death of one spoiled American doesn't mean a damn to me.

But shouting this at Google is like telling the lame to run faster.  Google can't do any better than they're doing to keep Americans informed because after all it is an American company -- a very American company.

Yes, Bobbi Brown stories are STILL at the top of Google News  


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