Sunday, July 19

Islamic State blew up the antiquities but kept the infidel shopping malls. Check.

Packed with shoppers, as you can see

Jeans and T-Shirt, proper caliphate garb

The Daily Mail website has more hilarious photos from IS showing other glories of infidel life that the terror outfit is providing to Muslims it's conquered in Iraq:

Now ISIS show off their SHOPPING MALLS filled with Western products including Head&Shoulders and Kinder Eggs in latest propaganda stunt to entice new recruits
The Daily Mail
July 18 updated July 19
[...] The photos come as David Cameron looks set to announce moves to stop young British Muslims being seduced by the misleading 'glamour' of Islamic State.
In a powerful speech set to be delivered on Monday, Cameron will warn that 'brutal and vicious' IS deliberate use young men as 'cannon fodder', while women are routinely raped and enslaved.
He will tell UK Muslim leaders they must do more to promote British values, and help to stop the growing number of youngsters who travel to Syria to join the terror group.
He will also unveil a range of measures to crack down on Islamic extremism in the UK, according details obtained by the Mail on Sunday.
Meanwhile, PM Dave has been hitting the media circuit to prepare Britons for a troop return to Iraq -- and oh yes, more bombing in Syria.  This hasn't made everyone in the United Kingdom happy.  See the Independent's op-ed, Britain is being dragged towards the Iraq conflict.   

But say, wasn't it the British government in league with other countries such as the USA and certain Gulf Arab kingdoms that started the rumble against Assad? Never mind; today is never yesterday when it comes to defense policy:
By: Danica Kirka Associated Press, Published Sun Jul 19 2015
LONDON—Prime Minister David Cameron says Britain needs to take a greater role in destroying the Islamic State group in Syria, his most direct signal he will seek to expand his country’s role in supporting the United States and its allies.
In remarks made to NBC News’ “Meet the Press,” Cameron said Britain must do more fight the group, also known as ISIL.
The remarks posted online Saturday follow a commitment to meet NATO targets on military spending and make plain that Britain now sees the Islamic State group as an explicit threat to national security.
"We know that we have to defeat ISIL, we have to destroy this caliphate, whether it is in Iraq or in Syria,” he said.
The remarks come only days after Britain’s Ministry of Defence acknowledged that British forces have already conducted air strikes over Syria, albeit only when embedded with coalition forces.
Britain has been carrying out surveillance and air-to-air refuelling over Syria and launching attacks on neighbouring Iraq, and Defence Secretary Michael Fallon has argued that the mission should be expanded to Syria.
Cameron is seeking support from the opposition Labour Party, in an effort to build a unified national position and avoid another embarrassing defeat on Syria.
MEANWHILE, people at the Guardian and quite a few others in the U.K. are bent out of shape that they had to learn from a FOIA filing about British involvement in U.S. air strikes in Syria:
David Cameron knew UK pilots were involved in US-led bombing missions of Isis targets in Syria, even though parliament had expressly rejected British military involvement in the country in 2013.
The prime minister’s spokeswoman said on Friday that up to a dozen pilots had been involved since September, but they were not operating under a British chain of command. “The PM was aware that UK personnel were involved in US operations and what they were doing.”
She said it was a long-standing practice for the UK to embed forces with other countries and this was no different. But she was not able to point immediately to any written or oral statement setting out that British air crew were involved in bombing missions in Syria.
Details of British personnel’s involvement in strikes by allied nations’ forces were revealed by a freedom of information request by the pressure group Reprieve.
MEANWHILE, PM Dave announced on June 29 that he wants the BBC to stop calling Islamic State "Islamic State" on account of referring to them as Islamic is offensive to "many" Muslims and the great religion of Islam.  The Beeb's response is evident in one of its headlines today:
UK will help destroy Islamic State, David Cameron tells US

The news organization also didn't think much of attempts to get it use "Daesh" -- which actually translates to Islamic State of Iraq and Syria -- instead of "Islamic State."  These attempts, by the way, included:
.... demands from a cross-party group of MPs, including Boris Johnson and Alex Salmond, to stop the broadcaster using the term “Islamic State” to refer to the terrorist group.
The MPs made their demand in a letter following criticism of the BBC from David Cameron, who used an appearance on the Today programme on Monday to suggest that Muslim listeners would “recoil every time they hear the words Islamic State” to refer to its “appalling, barbarous regime”.
Initiated by Rehman Chishti, the Conservative MP for Gillingham and Rainham,the letter urged the BBC to instead adopt the term “Daesh” ...
Now here you may pooch, to steal a phrase from my favorite Pakistani commentator, how can British Muslims adopt British values if MPs are twisting themselves into the shape of a pretzel to accommodate Muslim sensibilities?  I guess we'll have to wait for PM Dave's speech tomorrow to see how he squares that circle.  


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