Tuesday, July 7

"Saudis quietly launch a nuclear spending spree"

I think I mentioned recently I am developing a theory that drinking plain water makes humans crazy; maybe we were meant to drink only fermented grains.  I first got this idea while watching How Beer Saved the World.  It seems the greatest advances in knowledge came while much of humanity was slightly tipsy.  

By the way my report about the show is the all-time most popular Pundita post next to one about Putin's Karakachan sheepdog puppy. I think there could be a cosmic message in this but I don't want to know out of fear I will kill myself.            

Well, all I can add to the following report is that the Russians better hurry up and invent a gizmo that neutralizes short-range nukes, not just long-range ones.

The Saudis quietly launch a nuclear spending spree
Bill Law
July 6, 2015 16:20 UTC
Middle East Eye

On second thought you'll  have to go the Middle East Eye website to read the report because I'm busy trying to remember how much water it takes on a daily basis to run a nuclear reactor. 


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