Thursday, October 7

Scotland: We had to kill justice to save it

Last week Zenpundit's Mark Safranski summarized different attempts to develop a new 'grand strategy' for British foreign/defense policy and added his own thoughts to the mix. He wrote in part:
Britain needs a grand strategy if it’s leaders value and seek to pass on to posterity a British identity. The same can be said over here for America and some of the visceral anger inherent in the Tea Party arguably seems to come from their realization that American elites do not place too much importance on an American identity or sovereignty.
I agree with Mark's observations about the USA but regarding his comment about the British: in 2005 I warned that if they didn't restore and defend an objective basis for law they were headed back to the trees, and I've given similar warnings in the intervening years. But even I had to read the following news report three times before I could persuade myself it wasn't a hoax.

It's not just the Scots who've lost their wits, Mark. Yet given the contributions of Scottish Enlightenment philosophers to modern civilization it's odd to think the Scots are beating the rest of us into the trees.

(H/T 21st Century British Nationalism blog):
Police pledge swifter response to racism and homophobia than 'ordinary' crime

By Gareth Rose
30 September 2010, The Scotsman

Police are looking to drive up reporting of hate crime by promising minorities will see a swifter and tougher response to offenders than other victims.

The new hate-crime guidance manual is aimed at instigating a cultural change in policing and, as a result, throughout Scotland.

Police will stress to officers that victims from minorities suffer more when a crime is motivated by prejudice than a member of the general public would from the same offence.

Assistant Chief Constable Mike McCormick, of Lothian and Borders Police, said: "We wanted to make sure our own staff were aware of the impact hate crime has.

"If you punch me in the nose because you don't like me because of the colour of my skin, race, sexuality or whatever, that has a longer effect because I'm thinking that not only does this person not like me, but lots of other people won't like me either.

"If someone is already struggling with a disability then a hate crime can leave them thinking not only do I have a physical problem, but I also have a social problem because people don't like me.

"It has a much more significant effect on victims and I want people to pick up on that. [...]
Well I have certainly picked up on what the chief constable is saying. It's all very clear. Henceforth, Scots will depend on the clairvoyant abilities of their police to determine when an alleged victim's level of suffering is sufficient to determine police response to an alleged crime.

From this it's but a short leap of logic to the conclusion that only a reign of terror can save civilization. It's a logic the Wahhabists have embraced; that their views are given courteous hearing in England, the land of the Magna Carta, is an atrocity.

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