Sunday, October 24

U.S. in Afghanistan for the long haul if U.S. military construction projects are any indication

This is the most hopeful from the war front I've had all year. The report is long and detail-laden so I'll only provide a few sentences here:
U.S. dug in for long haul in Afghanistan
By Nick Turse for TomDispatch via Asia Times Online
October 23, 2010

[A] base-building surge ... has left the countryside of Afghanistan dotted with military posts, themselves expanding all the time, despite the drawdown of forces promised by President Barack Obama beginning in July 2011.
[A] TomDispatch analysis of little-noticed US government records and publications, including US Army and Army Corps of Engineers contracting documents and construction-bid solicitations issued over the past five months, fills in the picture. The documents reveal plans for large-scale, expensive Afghan base expansions of every sort and a military that is expecting to pursue its building boom without letup well into the future. These facts-on-the-ground indicate that, whatever timelines for phased withdrawal may be issued in Washington, the US military is focused on building up, not drawing down, in Afghanistan.

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